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I really don’t know how busy beavers are, but I’ll use the expression anyway.

Life seems to be picking up speed right now. I thought things slowed down around summer time?

This week my boss and a co-worker are on vacation and I’m covering for both of them – AND there is an ALL DAY staff meeting on Thursday. Couple that with the fact that I’m speaking on Sunday AND I have a letter of recommendation to write for a friend. There’s also my self-imposed deadline of two weeks to understand and lead family groups. Did I mention we have a one-month old?

I’m thinking of hiring some beavers to be my assistants. I’ve heard they’re pretty busy guys. (Could you imagine a beaver changing my son’s diaper?)

Are you slowing down or speeding up for the summer?

I have a question to ask of you, my six loyal readers.

In a few weeks, I will be speaking at RPC on the importance of having a quiet time. (quiet, uninterrupted time where you read the Bible and pray)

In the interest of keeping it real and relevant, I want to address the reasons people struggle with having a quiet time.

Do you have a daily quiet time?

If you don’t, what are the reasons?

If you do, what distracts you from, or competes with, that time?

Please feel free to respond anonymously.

I remember the days when my reader would be full of new posts, just begging to be read. Now out of 39 blogs, I get about 15 new posts a day. And 2 of them are daily bible verses.

It reminds me of when I was away at college (read: prison) and I would apply for credit cards just to get rejection letters in my mailbox so as not to look like a loser checking an empty mailbox 3 times a day. (That was a long sentence.)

But really, where has everyone gone? Are they on Twitter? Did they go grassroots? Are they reviving the Postal Service and sending postcards? Are smoke signals making a comeback? (I don’t even know what “going grassroots” means, but I’m grasping at straws here.) (I really don’t even know what “grasping at straws” means, so there.)

Can someone please tell me where the bloggers have gone?

I used to get aggravated that my wife would watch King of Queens, but not the news. As of late, I’m thinking she’s on to something.

Pig Flu is all over the news. Everywhere. They’re calling it a pandemic. I can’t wait to see Geraldo’s take on it.

Here’s my take. 150 people have died. In Mexico.

I’ve been to Mexico. Their sewer system is a ditch. Their health care system is a vet in a pickup. More people die at soccer matches than from Pig Flu.

But this isn’t about Mexico. Consider this my formal apology for the previous sentences. This is about the news media.

Why does the news always have to be so sensational? Why does it always have to be over-the-top? Why does the sky always have to be falling?

13,000 people have died this year from the REAL FLU, but 150 dead people in Mexico with Pig Flu is a pandemic?


<end rant>

Something I read this morning made me thing in multiple directions.

1 Kings 11:3 – He (King Solomon) had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray.

First thought: Is this where the Mormon Church got started? (It isn’t, but that was my first thought.)

Second thought: Seven hundred wives! Equally dispersed, that’s like 3.8 birthdays and anniversaries PER DAY!

Third thought: Concubines makes me think of porcupines. Either way it’s a sticky situation. Imagine 300 baby-mamas.

Fourth thought: So King Solomon was the wisest man on Earth, huh?

Fifth thought: (Actually this was Andy Stanley’s thought.) 700 wives = 700 mother-in -laws.

I stopped there for fear my head would explode.

What did you think when you read that?

This quote came from Erwin McManus from Catalyst West last week. (I got it from Tony Morgan’s blog.)

“There has never been one ordinary child born on this planet. Why is it that so many of us end up leading ordinary lives?”

Wow. Now that’s a quote!

Rind On Thick Cut Bacon.

(With 5 eggs, of course.)

The kids and I dominated breakfast.

What 5 words made you happy today?

The day Cooper was born, I went to get the other two kids so they could meet him.

On the way through the parking lot, Josh asked the funniest question I ever heard.

“Daddy, what color is Cooper?”

Five-year-olds ask killer questions.

Happy Earth Day!

Shouldn’t every day be Earth Day? And what about the other planets? Is there a day for them?

I bet Uranus Day would be a big hit. I wonder what the Google banner would look like.

I’m participating in Earth Day by refusing to flush and peeing outside whenever possible today.

Is anyone else doing something special for Earth Day?

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